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Are you a brand, food blogger, restaurant, bar, cafe, or bakery in need of photography content to increase your brand awareness? Then I’d love to work with you!

Food & Product Photography

Bring your brand’s message to visual life and elevate your social media, website, and advertising with professional imagery. My photography style is bright and punchy, with high clarity contrast and sharp details, to ensure your brand or product will stand out from its competitors. From styling the scene to editing and delivery, all your lifestyle, product, and food photography will be produced using professional equipment from either on location or in a studio setting. My specialty includes patisseries, desserts, chocolates, cocktails and beverages.

Social Media sponsored content

Does your product or brand resonate with my audience and relate to my niche of vegetarian, vegan, desserts, chocolates, & beverages? I can tailor content packages to an ongoing schedule or as a one time feature. Content can comprise of any or all: product reviews, food venue “Shout-Outs” (features), recipe development, photography, stories, videos, social media posts or blog posts.

Restaurant, Cafe & Bakery Shout-Outs

Do you have a food venue and would like added exposure for your business? I can help get the word out with a visit to your location. After the experience, I will then create a written and photographed feature on my blog and social networks. The featured images will also be available to you for use on your own social media networks. I look forward to your invitation! 

Recipe Development

I love developing brand, food blogger, and publication recipes to complement your niche. All of my recipes are easy to follow, unique, and can include many vegetarian and vegan dishes, desserts, chocolates, cocktails & beverages.

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