About Amy

Australian born and bred, I'm now happily situated in London, UK after living in Paris, France, for 10 years and a short stint in the USA. I am content and in love with the London lifestyle, and everything about the history here. And YES!... I even enjoy the weather! 


Growing up in rural parts of Victoria, Australia, I had a natural talent for cooking, baking, and anything relating to art and design. Surrounded by nature, animals, and simple farm to table living, I always had respect for the land and everything it provides. In particular, I was very in tune with animals and always recognised them as my friends and sentient beings.

In my late teens and early twenties, I started an apprenticeship in a Vegan/Vegetarian Health Resort, then studied my hospitality certification in Front of House and Food & Beverage. After graduating, I worked for 6 years in the industry in some of Melbourne's premier venues and restaurants, including the Melbourne Cricket Ground and Hilton on the Hill. With my love of the job, I had every intention of continuing, however, life likes to throw us curveballs and I was forced to leave due to personal reasons. 

My love for cooking, baking, entertaining, beverage making, and eating out never left me. I always strived to educate myself and discover new food cultures and particularly enjoyed my years of living in France and Europe for this very reason. With some people calling France the birth of fine cuisine, it gave me the chance to grow and learn about new cooking methods, recipes and experience fresh produce and new ingredients like never before!

After hospitality, I followed my second love of creativity and went to university to get my Bachelor's Degree in Design. I then managed my design studio for over 10 years as the creative director and lead designer, working closely with boutique photography studios worldwide.

So how did I get into food photography you may be wondering? Once again life decided to have a new plan for me and this time it came in the form of cancer. 3 years ago I was diagnosed and it was during one of my worse days that I happen to come across a youtube video channel The Bite Shot by Joanie Simon. From this day onwards I was completely hooked. Not only did it help me through my roughest days, but I made a vow that as soon as I was well again, I would follow my newfound passion by way of food photography. 

After recovery (and now cancer-free) I stepped back into the kitchen and combined my love of design, photography and cooking to create the imagery you see here. The recipes I make are in the hope to inspire others to cook with reduced or animal-free products and to show that it is still possible to enjoy your favourite dishes including those occasional ”naughty” treats without missing out.

I also enjoy getting the word out about brands that align with these values and giving shout-outs to local restaurants, food and beverage brands and boutique businesses. If you would like to see more of the services I provide, you can find more info on this page.

Charities, Hobbies & Interests

In my spare time, I do my best to get the word out by advocating for animal rights and equality. In particular, the abolition of intense industrial farming, live animal export and supporting sustainable lifestyles.

I also regularly support animal shelters locally (The Cat Protection Society & Battersea Dogs & Cats Home), and across the world (Animal Aid Unlimited & Tolfa), who work tirelessly to heal, rehabilitate and rehome some of the most mistreated street animals in Rajasthan, India.

As you might have already guessed I adore all kinds of animals and I currently have one spoilt rescued fur-baby girl called Mirabelle, who is a Siamese X Balinese with the most brilliant blue eyes. 

A few other tidbits about me: My nickname is Kheakat, I am a classically trained violinist, enjoy taking Salsa lessons and dancing, a huge fan of Cricket, and I have a fascination for The Tudors' historical way of life; often visiting Hampton Court Palace, the home of Henry VIII in my spare time.

Amy (Kheakat) X