About Amy

Born and raised in Australia, I now find myself happily settled in London, UK, following a decade of living in Paris, France, and a brief stint in the USA. I've developed a deep appreciation for the London lifestyle and its rich history, and believe it or not, I even find the weather quite delightful!


My early years were spent in the serene landscapes of rural Victoria, Australia. I possessed a natural knack for culinary arts, baking, and all things related to art and design. Surrounded by nature, animals, and a rustic farm-to-table way of life, I held a profound respect for the land and its bountiful offerings. Animals, in particular, were my close companions, and I regarded them as sentient beings.

In my late teens and early twenties, I embarked on an apprenticeship at a Vegan/Vegetarian Health Resort and later pursued a hospitality certification specializing in front-of-house and food and beverage. Following my graduation, I dedicated six years to the industry, serving at some of Melbourne's finest establishments, including the Melbourne Cricket Ground and the Hilton on the Hill. I had every intention of continuing down this path, fueled by my passion for the culinary world. However, life has a way of throwing unexpected challenges our way, and I found myself compelled to leave the industry due to personal reasons.

My love for cooking, baking, hosting, mixology, and dining out never waned. I remained committed to self-improvement and eagerly explored diverse culinary traditions, particularly during my years in France and Europe. France, often hailed as the birthplace of fine cuisine, allowed me to expand my culinary horizons, learn new cooking techniques, experiment with fresh produce, and encounter novel ingredients.

After my hospitality career, I pursued my second love—creativity—and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Design at university. For over a decade, I managed my own design studio, serving as the creative director and lead designer. I collaborated closely with boutique photography studios around the globe.

Now, you might be wondering how I transitioned into food photography. Life, once again, had a different plan for me, this time in the form of cancer. Five years ago, I received a life-altering diagnosis. It was during one of my most challenging days that I stumbled upon a YouTube channel called The Bite Shot by Joanie Simon. This discovery not only provided solace during my toughest moments but also inspired a vow: once I regained my health, I would follow my newfound passion for food photography.

Following my recovery (and now cancer-free), I reentered the culinary realm and merged my love for design, photography, and cooking to create the captivating food imagery you see here. My recipes  aim to inspire others to cook with reduced or animal-free ingredients, showcasing that you can savour your favourite dishes, even the occasional indulgent treats, without compromise.

I also take pleasure in promoting brands that align with these values and giving recognition to local eateries, food and beverage companies, and boutique businesses. For more details on the services I offer, please refer to the information on this page.

Charities, Hobbies & Interests

In my spare time, I am committed to advocating for animal rights and equality, particularly focusing on ending intensive industrial farming and live animal export, while supporting sustainable lifestyles.

I consistently lend my support to animal shelters, both locally (The Cat Protection Society & Battersea Dogs & Cats Home) and globally (Animal Aid Unlimited & Tolfa), organizations tirelessly dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming abused street animals in Rajasthan, India.

Here are a few more tidbits about me: I go by the nickname Kheakat, I am a classically trained violinist, enjoy taking Salsa lessons and dancing, am an ardent cricket fan, and have an enduring fascination with the historical era of The Tudors. I often find myself visiting Hampton Court Palace, the former residence of Henry VIII, during my leisure time.

Amy (Kheakat) X